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Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediation

Effective Mediation Based on Broad Experience

Mr. Heilig relies on his unique experience as both a litigator and Vice President in a Fortune 1000 Corporate Legal Department to help you resolve your dispute.

He is available for in-person and virtual mediations throughout the United States.


Marquis W. Heilig

Prior to working as a mediator, Mr. Heilig litigated hundreds of cases in state and Federal Courts throughout the United States. Following nearly 10 years of active litigation, Mr. Heilig joined one of the largest restaurant companies in the world as a Vice President and Corporate Counsel. During his time in-house, Mr. Heilig oversaw a litigation budget that exceeded $1MM annually. His deep experience as both an advocate and party in mediation gives him a unique ability to see every case from multiple vantage points while moving the parties toward resolution.

What We Do

Employment Claims

Employment and Wage & Hour Claims

Mr, Heilig collaborates with all parties to create a flexible, individualized solution to disputes between employees and employers.

Wage and Hour Claims

Class & Collective Actions

We have the knowledge and experience to help streamline settlement negotiations in class and collective actions and guide parties to a creative and agreeable solution.

Civil Litigation

Commercial & Civil

We help clients find creative solutions to complex business disputes as well as civil litigation matters.

Heilig & Associates Trade Secrets

Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation, & Trade Secrets Litigation

Our deep experience in disputes between competitors allows us to help the parties find a solution that meets business and legal needs.

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